Soap Week: Pick of the Plots

Tonight’s soap Pick of the Plots is EastEnders  as Shirley plucks up the courage to visit her father, Stan.

Linda isn’t convinced Stan is the answer to their financial troubles and continues to worry about the problems they are facing at the The Queen Victoria.  To make matters worse Linda is forced to be polite when Sharon comes over to see the changes they have made to the pub.

Shirley is nervous to see her father, Stan, but puts on a facade and pretends to be ok, knowing how much her family need the money she goes along.

However when they arrive at their father’s flat, Shirley realises she can’t go through with it leaving Mick and Tina to go alone. When they see their father, it is clear that Mick and Tina have very different relationships with Stan. As Mick asks for the money, Stan agrees but when he sees Shirley from the window he tells them that they can only have the money if Shirley asks.

Knowing what she has to do, Shirley goes inside but past memories quickly return as they talk about the past. Realising Shirley is only there for the cash, Stan manipulatively talks about family. However, as Shirley leaves with the money, it’s clear Stan’s words have hit a nerve.

Elsewhere tonight on their way to see Jim, Carol informs Max she is going to tell their father about her cancer.  Max pleads with her not to, knowing she’ll regret it but will Carol listen?

EastEnders, BBC One, 8pm

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