ATV SportTravellers with Skis is the latest travel journey series to air on the Extreme Sports Channel.

The adventures of three free skiers is documented in the series with their mission to find snow and places to ski in unlikely locations. The guides are Jan-Erik Blomberg (Blumi), Jani Nygård and Arto Majava – pioneers in new school-skiing in Finland and the country’s best freestyle skiers.

Series one sees the intrepid explorers celebrate New Year on skis in The Canary Islands, discover snow in Turkey, take a two-day hike to the top of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, and track down one of the best ski slopes of the journey in Greece.

Series two picks up the pace where the previous series left off as Blumi, Jani and Arto end up in Delhi. From there, there’s skiing in the Dolomites, climbing on the shoreline of Italian lakes, finding some of the best snow in the world, and hoping to reveal the possibilities that California has to offer free skiers.

Travellers with Skis begins on April 5th at 8pm on the Extreme Sports Channel, Sky channel 419 and Virgin channel 527.

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