Les Dennis Coronation Street

Former Family Fortunes presenter Les Dennis has spoken about joining the cast of soap opera Coronation Street.

“It is absolutely the dream come true for me, it’s been my favourite show forever. I’ve done all the impressions from it and to actually to go in to it and be accepted as a straight actor in it… it was the biggest thing on my wish list.”

“I did the screen test with Helen [Worth] and it all happen so quickly and two weeks later I was on the street running down the cobbles!”

Speaking to ITV’s This Morning he also discussed his first day of filming at the Salford-based saga and the famous outdoor set.

“It was also the first day on the new location so I was asking the other actors ‘where’s make up?’ and they were going ‘we don’t know!’ so I really felt like I was in this surreal dream.”

Les also spoke about his move from the south up to Cheshire before getting the Coronation Street call-up as which sees him give Gail McIntyre – actress Helen Worth – a shock as she arrives home to find Les in the living room claiming to be inspecting a gas leak.

“We moved to Cheshire last summer and then I got Spamalot and I thought ‘oh I’ve done the worst thing’ because I was going backwards and forward, but now I’m twenty minutes from work, it’s fantastic!”

Its not the first time the actor and comedian has appeared in soap opera in 2003 he starred in ITV’s short-lived revival of Crossroads and has also featured in Channel 4 serial Brookside and Channel 5’s Family Affairs. Les appears in Coronation Street tonight in the second edition of the evening at 8.30pm

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