This lavish ATV drama was written by the Oscar-nominated David Butler, the man behind ATV’s other major hit-drama of the 1970s – Jesus of Nazareth.

Disraeli was directed by Claude Whitham who went on to work on All Creatures Great and Small for the BBC.

This DVD release contains the entire series and features sterling performances from Ian McShane (Lovejoy) in the lead role along with Patricia Hodge (Rumpole of the Bailey), Anton Rogers (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), William Russell (Doctor Who) and Rosemary Leach (To Sir, With Love) as Queen Victoria.


Benjamin Disraeli went down in history as one of the most colourful and controversial politicians ever to walk the corridors of power. A staunch British imperialist, his work on projects such as the Suez Canal have left a legacy very few Prime Ministers have matched. Turbulent, astute, tenacious and yet easily hurt, this outstanding television series tells the intimate story of his long and determined rise to power against overwhelming odds.

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