Rediffusion Television LondonTorchy The Battery Boy is a string-puppet series featuring Torchy, a boy with a magic lamp who lives in the fantasy Topsy Turvy land.

The series was created by Roberta Leigh and this, the first series of 26 episodes, was produced by AP Films (part of the ATV Network empire of the 1960s) for ITV London company, Associated Rediffusion.

This charming series from Space Patrol creator Roberta Leigh and “puppet-maestro” Gerry Anderson paved the way for his pioneering Supermarionation techniques that he later used in series such as Thunderbirds.

A second series of a further 26 editions was produced by Associated British Pathe and ATV’s AP Films had no involvement with the later production, however we’ve included a link to the second series which Network DVD have also released.


When Mr. Bumble-Drop builds a walking, talking, battery-powered boy, it’s the start of a series of magical adventures for Torchy and the toys of Topsy-Turvy Land.

The complete AP Films series is released on DVD for the very first time.

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