One Life to LiveAll My Children and One Life to Live: the saga continues! It seems that plans to continue the two soaps online might not be dead after all.

Only two weeks ago Prospect Park released a statement announcing it was shelving plans to continue ABC soap One Life to Live online because it couldn’t secure the financing required. Shortly before that announcement the company had already said it wasn’t pressing ahead with its continuation of All My Children. The news, on both counts, was a blow for fans of the serials who were given hope after ABC’s shock double cancellation of them in April.

However, now it appears the plans to continue the soaps online may not be as dead in the water as reported. Variety is reporting that Prospect Park is continuing talks, secretly, to secure finance for the two daytime soaps and, importantly, it is now looking beyond America for finance. Variety says that the company is now looking at the possibility of a co-production deal with an oversea’s broadcaster. “That may or may not allow the shows to circumvent the unions, which couldn’t come to terms with Prospect Park on compensation for talent on both sides of the camera.” writers Variety.

Additionally reports that the company has also been considering moving production of the soaps away from New York (for One Life to Live) and Los Angeles (for All My Children) to other places within America which offer tax credits – thus lowering production costs. Under the deal with ABC that Prospect Park signed earlier this year it has the digital rights for the two shows for a full year after their television finales; September 2012 for AMC and January 2013 for OLTL.

This is the latest twist in the saga which has almost become a soap opera itself. Whether these new twists will amount to anything remains to be seen. It will give fans hope once more but let’s hope its not a false hope.

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