Coronation Street{jcomments on}A tabloid newspaper has claimed the cast of Coronation Street are unhappy about the amount of screen time given to some characters.

The Mirror reports some of the cast are unhappy that certain characters are taking centre stage while others are being left on the side-lines. The report adds that some actors feel there is “favouritism” as friends of producer Phil Collinson are getting “more” screen-time than others. Once again Michelle Collins is in the firing line but also now Anthony Cotton according to the report.

“Things have not been going smoothly for a while and there is a growing discontent amongst some of the cast. Even some of the crew can’t believe where the show is going. There is talk of a clear-the-air meeting with the producer, he is a strong-minded individual who sticks to his guns once he has made his mind up about something. There is a feeling that some people are being frozen out and they have seen their income dwindle significantly due to severe lack of appearances. It is not good for morale.” – A “source” quoted in The Mirror.

Yesterday reports claimed that ITV were unhappy with the performance of Phil Collinson following a slump in ratings. The broadcaster denied the future of Collinson was under threat and denied ratings were in trouble stating for the first six months of 2011 they were up year-on-year.

Coronation Street has faced a series of negative press reports in the past week starting off with Brian Sewell’s article in the Daily Mail claiming there were too many LGBT characters. Actor Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus Dent in the ITV soap, responded to the Sewell’s criticisms in an article for The Guardian. Predictably the tabloid press were quick to pick up on Sewell’s criticisms and ran stories claiming the soap was in crisis as ratings were falling and fans were unhappy with storylines.

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