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Top Ten ITV ‘Ident’ Animations

It was 2002 when ITV said farewell to its regional branding, and while they replaced it with ‘ITV1’ many still referred to the output by a previous name. With yesterdays re-launch of the station as, er, ITV, we’ve picked our Top Ten best regional idents from the past. From the wobbly Tyne Tees ‘Star Wars’ style animation of the late 1970s to Anglia’s 150+-year-old Knight on a record turntable.

Brookside DVD goes on sale

After years of campaigning by the Brookside DVD Campaign, headed by Lee Brady, Channel 4 have finally confirmed the DVD is to be sold as part of the network’s 30th anniversary.

Brookside axed after 21 Years

Channel 4 has finally laid to rest its one-time flagship programme after a year of uncertainty over the production. Brookside will bow out in the same month it celebrates 21 years on air.