The Alternative To Watch: Midsomer Murders

ITV’s bonkers detective drama Midsomer Murders – which stars John Nettles – returns for a one-off film and yes its a new film and not another repeat! The Wild West comes to one of the Midsomer villages tonight as a dispute over a piece of wasteland turns nasty and someone starts to gun down the contenders for it.


Midsomer Murders: Blood on the Saddle – ITV1/ITV HD Channel at 8pm


It seems as though you are never far from an episode of Midsomer Murders be it during the day or prime-time – it always seems to be on. But a closer took at the television listings will often reveal that the episodes are in fact repeats – lots of them! ITV are as bad for repeating Midsomer Murders as the BBC are for repeating New Tricks. Surely if its a repeat of New Tricks it should be called Old Tricks – as its an old episode? Anyway tonight there’s an actual new episode of the bonkers Midsomer Murders on ITV1 for fans to enjoy followed, doubtlessly, by several more repeats before the next new one.


Anyway tonight the an argument between two farmers – Jack Fincher and Silas Burbage – over a piece of land called the Swamp leads to murder. Things are further complicated though as travellers leader Dan Malko wants to buy the Swamp but the question is who actually owns it? As ever things take a turn for the bonkers when someone starts to gun down the Fincher clan. It isn’t long before DCI Barnaby is on the case and investigating just who is gunning down the Fincher clan – Wild West style!


Midsomer Murders stars: John Nettles, Jason Hughes, Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson with Pip Torrens, Caroline Langrishe, Emma Cooke and Daniel Ryan. Blood of the Saddle is written by David Lawrence and Directed by Richard Holthouse.


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