The Worker, Charlie Drake, ATVLong before the BBC gave us Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, ATV was home to another hopelessly unemployable comic creation – Charlie in The Worker.


The Worker, Charlie Drake, ATVWith a career spanning well over fifty years, Charlie Drake will always be one of the nation’s favourite comedians and, without a doubt, his crowning glory (or should that be clowning glory!) is The Worker.


A comic gem of a show and this set contains all four ATV series plus what remains of the mini-episodes that formed part of Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night in 1978




The Worker stars Charlie Drake as Charlie – a persistently unemployable labourer. It’s not that he doesn’t like working, it’s just that he’s no good at it – a fact which consistently raises the hackles (and blood pressure) of Labour Exchange clerk Mr. Pugh (Henry McGee)! With each episode a guaranteed excuse for Charlie’s much-loved inventive slapstick,.

“Rudderless, brainless, worthless and damn well useless” – that’s the Labour Exchange’s opinion of Charlie. Quite tame, really, when one considers he’s been a weekly visitor – clocking up 983 jobs over the last twenty years… 


Special Features


Hallo Cobbler – the only remaining full-length Colour Version of an ATV edition as well as an image gallery.


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