It’s been announced that actor Thorsten Kaye, who plays Zach Slater, is to leave the ABC soap All My Children.

All My ChildrenActor Thorsten Kaye is leaving the ABC daytime soap All My Children as producers plan to kill off his character of Zach Slater. While the announcement may not surprise some it will probably draw a strong reaction from some All My Children fans as the character of Zach is a firm fan favourite. Thorsten Kaye has been with the ABC soap since 2004 but his future with the show was placed in doubt when production moved from New York to Los Angeles at the start of this year.

Thorsten Kaye was quite clear of his unhappyness about the production moving across America and having to spend time away from his family. Several other All My Children actors such as David Canary and Vincent Irizarry have exited the soap due to its move across the country. The decision to kill of Kaye’s character may not be an permanent exit for the character as it seems – plenty of other previously killed-off characters in American soaps have been revived further down the line.

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