It’s been announced that Tony McHale will step down from his role of executive producer of Holby City. 

BBCThe executive producer of Holby City, Tony McHale, is to step down from the role. Tony McHale and Mal Young created the medical drama as a spin-off from Casualty in 1999 and during the shows early days McHale was the lead writer. After several years working on the drama he left but returned in 2006 to take over as Executive Producer on the series. Although working as an Executive Producer on the series he continues, occasionally, to pen episodes of the medical drama.  

The successor to Tony McHale will be announced early in the New Year. His decision to step-down comes shortly after news that Diederick Santer, executive producer of EastEnders, and Kim Crowther, producer of Coronation Street, are both stepping down from their respective roles next year.


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