ATVClassic American soap Dallas celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The series was watched by millions across the world at the height of its popularity and was hugely, hugely influential on drama’s that have come since or launched shortly after. The show continues to enjoy popularity thanks to DVD releases, repeats and the legacy of such storylines like Who Shot JR? So did you watch Dallas during the 80’s, or the UK Gold repeats? Were you a fan of Dallas? Send us your memories/thoughts/opinions of the classic 80’s soap! Send your emails to Here >>

My favourite moments have to be the fights/arguments between JR and Sue Ellen. Some classic one-liners from both characters in these scenes! – Roger

I watched every episode on a UK Gold re-run some years ago and I really liked Sue Ellen, great character! – Mal

I really enjoyed Dallas at the time, some good plots but very silly plots too! And many changes of actors especially Barbara Bel Geddes to Donna Reed and back to Barbara Bel Geddes! That was odd! – Mary

Miss Ellie had to be my favourite soap matriach of all time though I’m not sure why. JR and Sue Ellen were such a great couple, all those arguments and one-liners. Classic television. Though the less said about that dream and the shower, the better! – Darren

I was a huge fan. Loved ‘Swellin’ and Terry Wogan’s reviews on Radio 2 the next day… Happy memories. I remember being so pleased when the REAL Miss Ellie returned to the soap. – Diane

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