After our flirtation with politics last week we return to more familiar ground for our video and story this atvweek but the stupidity of George Bush may feature once more in the future. After all in eight years he gave us so much material it would be a shame not to feature some more highlights of his silly remark. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home of Eye Spy and thank you to all those who have emailed in their suggestions, please do keep them coming:


Top You Tube Video


As we said in our introduction this week we return to more familiar ground for our You Tube video. This week’s video is a brilliantly made Tudor’s style opening sequence for Doctor Who. We’re fans of both shows and we have to say that actually this title sequence works but you can’t beat a classic theme like Doctor Who so as much as we like it’s probably only because it’s different. Unfortunately we’re still experiencing technical faults so we can’t embed the video like we used to you’ll have to click to view it – sorry folks!


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Top Silly Story:


Now we are used to hearing stories about people suing some company or someone for some reason. Trying to get compensation for something, or indeed anything, has become quite a fad. There are even ads urging people to sue if they’ve had an accident that “wasn’t their fault” although the examples used aren’t always the best. In fact one of two demonstrations of these possible accidents actually really do look like the person’s own fault and no one else’s.


Anyway that aside here’s a suing related story that takes the biscuit. A man is suing a nightclub after a stripper’s shoe accidentally came off and hit him in the face. Since this unfortunate incident, which reportedly happened in the 1970s, the man poor man has had trouble breathing. Thirty odd years later the man is suing the nightclub! The lawsuit even goes as far as to say that the nightclub allowed dancers to wear improper shoe wear. Maybe the law-firm would elaborate on what is proper footwear for strippers? We’d be very interested to know!  

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