The National Film & Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) have launched their Christmas fundraising campaign, and you can play your part in helping to save a slice of Australia’s rich audio-visual heritage.

The NFSA is a wonderful organisation which preserves the nation’s rich television, film and sound archive. The collection holds more than 2.1 million items spanning 100 years but the job of preserving all of this priceless material is a costly ongoing process.

If you are having difficulty finding the perfect gift for someone who loves Australian film and television then look no further; why not make a donation on their behalf this Christmas? Every person who donates will receive a gift card from the NFSA collection to personalise.

You have three choices when donating. You can give a general gift which will be used to collect, preserve and share more of Australia’s rich audio-visual output.

NFSA 1" video tape - damaged

You can donate to NFSA Restores which is perfect for any film buffs out there; this division digitally preserves a selection of iconic Aussie movies and brings them back to the big screen where they belong. The first three films to benefit from this treatment (Storm Boy, Starstruck and Howling III: The Marsupials) were premiered at the 2015 Adelaide International Film Festival to the delight of those in attendance.

The third and final option is to make a donation to Deadline 2025, a scheme which every fan of Australian television must support. The NFSA currently has 80,000 radio productions and 60,000 television programmes, including many ‘soap operas’ and drama productions which are loved the world over, all of which are facing oblivion. These productions are held on obsolete tape stock and any tapes not digitised before 2025 will be lost forever. At the current rate of digitisation only 30% of the collection can be saved in time, but with your donation more can the rescued. This is a tragedy which can be averted if we all act now, enough of our televisual heritage has been lost already, and this collection must be saved in order that we can all enjoy it once again.

The NFSA are the custodians of the output of generations of pioneering Australians, and of work which is loved by audiences worldwide. We must all do what we can to help them in saving, preserving and where possible making accessible this priceless collection.

You can give a gift to the NFSA on behalf of yourself or someone else this Christmas by heading to:

Australia's tape history NFSA

Pictured top: NFSA Restores logo, pictured middle a  damaged 1” videotape at the NFSA, pictured bottom: Deadline 2025 logo. All images copyright the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia.

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