Love Island’s Iain Stirling reviews the highs and lows of love in Grey’s Anatomy ahead of its return to telly screens later this month.

“My mum is the biggest fan of Grey’s Anatomy and watches it religiously, so working with NOW TV on recapping the ultimate cast hook-ups was right up my street. I’ve watched episodes with her in the past but all those on-call room romps get pretty steamy and leave me a bit red-faced…it makes the bedroom antics of the Love Island cast pale into insignificance!” – Iain Sterling

Reminisce about McDreamy ‘cracking on’ with Meredith, McSteamy becoming a ‘total melt’ for Lexie and George ‘grafting’ Meredith, Izzy and Callie before eventually getting ‘pied off’ by practically everyone…

With less than a week until Grey’s Anatomy returns for its fourteen run, streaming service NOW TV has teamed up with Love Island’s resident funny man, Iain Stirling, to recap 13 seasons of the show’s most iconic hook-ups and love stories:

Since the first episode aired in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has famously served up more dating, dumping and drama than a summer of passion and romance in the Majorcan Love Island villa. If you thought Mike was muggy this summer, you haven’t seen anything yet…

From patients cracking on with doctors, intern-resident grafting, and relationships more complicated than open-heart surgery, fans both old and new can relive all the A&E action, as Iain talks us through the incessant ‘extracurricular’ activities of the Grey Sloan Memorial staff in his trademark style. As Series 13 of the show wrapped, Meredith’s love life was hanging precariously in the balance, after a shocking plot twist affected the future of her relationship with newbie heartthrob Dr Nathan Riggs. With so many questions unanswered – will Meredith finally find her happily ever after; will Jackson and Maggie crack on; will Jo and Alex reconcile? – find out who couples up next when the show returns next week.

Stream Grey’s Anatomy Series 14 from the 8th of November and catch up on Seasons 1-13 now with a contract-free Entertainment Pass from streaming service NOW TV. The first episode also premieres at 9pm on Wednesday 8 November on Sky Living.

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