The former Countdown co-host is the latest personality to take a swipe at the show, taking to Twitter to note a de-emphasizing of lighter material in the ITV saga.

I’ve put this on my list to Santa this year..
“PUR-LEAZE Father Christmas make Corrie funny again….the last time I had a laugh watching it was in about September 2016.. even wonderful Mary is now tragic. #BringBackCorrieComedy ” – Carol Vorderman

Carol went on to mock scenes from earlier this week that saw Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) attempt to go on the run with daughter Faye (Ellie Leach), after being framed for attempted murder by Phelan (Conor McIntyre).

Anna and Fay(e) lying in a car surrounded by police and Anna says to her “Faye have I ever let you down?”…er….????? – Carol Vorderman

Put off by a double killing, Fern Britton and Michael Parkinson have also complained about the show’s current output recently. However, actor Tristan Gemmill – Robert Preston in the soap – disagrees that things have got too dark.

“People are entitled to that opinion but I would say that to lament that somewhat lost world of the gentle northern humour – it’s not really a world that is around anymore. Things like testicular cancer, these aren’t dark storylines – our job is to hold a mirror up to the world. We maybe find a bit more of the drama out of it, but it is out there in the world and I like to think we comment on it responsibly and tell interesting stories around it.” – Tristan Gemmill speaking to Metro last month

Carol is best known for her maths skills on Channel 4‘s Countdown from 1982 until 2008. She has also been an anchor on Loose Women and has presented cookery series Food Glorious Food.

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