SoapWorld takes a look at the latest goings on in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Doctors and EastEnders.

SoapWeek: Corrie

After being arrested Luke admits to the assault but explains he was provoked by racist remarks. Kevin, Luke, Alya and Sophie are later shocked to disturb a break-in at the garage. Alya and Luke suspect the Parker brothers involvement.

Meanwhile, Luke’s puzzled when he finds a wire model house in the cab office, similar to the ones Andy used to make as a hobby. Phelan is rattled to realise that the mill conversion Gary’s working on is where he buried Andy and Vinny’s bodies.

Elsewhere, Sinead is conflicted about the wedding; Robert’s suspicious when he sees Michelle with Kate and Rana; Roy arranges a birthday lunch for Carla at the bistro, but is then caught up in the garage robbery.

Coronation Street, Wednesday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV, UTV and STV.

SoapWeek: Emmerdale

The police come to the village with questions. Cain tells Moira he loves her but she reacts badly on the defensive and attacks him.

Leyla is excited about her move to Greece but plans are afoot to try and get her to change her mind.

Elsewhere, Tom arrives at Debbie’s to try and talk her round.

Emmerdale, Wednesday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: Hollyoaks

Worried Glenn asks Grace to choose between him and the criminal world.

James and Sami are going for the same deal at work so James decides to dig up some dirt on the newcomer. Meanwhile, Sami tries to woo Ellie.

Elsewhere, Diane ropes Leela, Myra and Lily into her mission to save the school library.

Hollyoaks, Wednesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ at 7pm on E4.

Doctors Pick of the Plots logo

Karen speaks to Lily’s social worker about what is in place for her after she leaves them and is sad to hear that, as Lily is moving in with family, she’ll be left to her own devices – Rob & Karen both slip Lily some money on her way out and as she leaves, Karen & Rob feel that she’ll be OK.

Elsewhere, Al offers to cover the evening shift for the second day in a row and insists he is just being nice, but has he got an ulterior motive? 

Doctors, Wednesday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

Questions begin to get asked with those involved in Aidan’s job – is the trust between the men starting to fall apart?

Feeling un-festive, Joyce takes down the Christmas decorations early. 

EastEnders, Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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