Jane Danson and Georgia Taylor have reflected on the landmark anniversary since the Battersby family arrived in Coronation Street.

The Battersby family made an impression on the residents of Coronation Street when they arrived in 1997.

“From the start, it kind of went off with a bit of a bang and it’s carried on ever since… [It was] life changing for us. Amazing….It doesn’t feel like work when you’ve your best friend next to you, we know each other so well it’s just easy. If one of us is upset about something the other picks the other one up. one We’ve always had that relationship from day one. It’s great to have her back.” – Jane Danson

The Corrie regulars joined Lorraine Kelly this morning on her ITV show to celebrate 21 years of the Battersby sisters, with Georgia confessing Jane was pivotal in her decision to return to the ITV Granada serial.

“I’ve got to say I wouldn’t have come back if you weren’t there, definitely that was such a big factor for me. I knew I had my pal there and that it was going to be fine. My first day back was bed scenes with Chris Gascoyne, that was my first day in a hotel in Manchester just in bed with Chris all day! I was like, ‘right this is a baptism of fire’, but it’s good and it kind of breaks the ice. Then you just get on with it. There are so many faces, a lot of the crew are the same, so it’s really nice.” – Georgia Taylor

Talking about their new plotline, and falling for the same man, Jane noted the plot had been ‘quite fun’ to play out adding how their characters ‘both don’t know that they are seeing him at the same time.’

“He’s quite a dish though – so it’s alright. They are both feeling quite happy… It’s not the reaction you would have expected from Leanne and Toyah.” – Jane Danson

Taxi driver Les (Bruce Jones) arrived with wife Janice (Vicky Entwistle) when they moved into number 5, as the dysfunctional average family. Living with the couple was Les’ daughter Leanne from his earlier marriage, and Janice’s daughter Toyah.

ITV’s Lorraine with Lorraine Kelly continues tomorrow at 8.30am on ITV.

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