This week was just a taster of things to come down in the dales.

Emmerdale superbitch Kim Tate will be back on screen early next year and she will be sticking around.

“Having left chaos in her wake, Kim will spend the next 6 months behind bars but having already ruffled a few feathers, there won’t be many celebrating her return. With her claws soon to be firmly back in Home Farm, what does Emmerdale’s super bitch have in store for the rest of the village?” – ITV

The character returned to screens this week after an absence of nearly 20 years, as it was revealed that she is the true owner of Home Farm and that her former step-grandson Joe (Ned Porteous) was merely fronting the place for her under the watchful eye of Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

Cheers! Kim makes an over-enthusiastic grab for the champagne display.

Family Affairs, the Tates arrived in 1989 to save Emmerdale from the chop.

After being released from prison, Kim ordered Graham to kill Joe, considering him a liability. Kim proceeded to cause chaos when after arriving at Home Farm with the news of the property’s true ownership, she insulted those attending Joe’s masquerade ball, before one barb too many saw her pushed down the stairs and on to a champagne fountain below. Viewers know that Faith (Sally Dexter) was behind the shove, annoyed with Kim for spoiling her granddaughter Debbie’s happiness.

Kim lived to tell the tale with tonight’s (12 October) episode marking her final appearance in the saga (for now) as she asked Graham to track down her son James. Kim then got a nasty shock when she then learnt that she was being recalled to prison as the car she had earlier arrived at Home Farm in had not been insured.

“You knew she wasn’t going to go away quietly, so I’m so pleased to announce Kim will be back. It’s been great fun keeping it under wraps but now she can really get down to business!” – Claire King

Kim ends up in the pig muck after a run in with the Dingles.

Not so happy families, Kim fights with step-daughter Zoe.

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson said: “Although Kim’s initial return was fleeting, she caused such mischief and chaos that we simply couldn’t resist bringing her back. Kim Tate is just getting warmed up for an explosive 2019.”

Kim first appeared in 1989 when the Tate family was introduced to stem declining ratings and audience appreciation, notably in the ITV southern regions. She was introduced along with husband Frank and step-children Zoe and Chris.

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