The latest goings on in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Doctors.

SoapWeek: Corrie

Leanne thanks Shona for her matchmaking, but is worried that Carla has overheard. Toyah asks Imran back to the flat for some rumpy-pumpy but they’re forced to hide when Leanne returns with Nick in tow. Nick informs Leanne of his plans to sell his share of the factory so that Elsa is out of his life for good.

Meanwhile, Carla is furious with Nick after he undermined her in front of a client. Sarah clocks Carla and Elsa pouring over Nick’s diary. Assuming his dinner date is with Leanne, they prepare to ambush him in Speed Daal.

Fiz finally accepts that Hope needs help when she bites Ruby, and announces she will move to Birmingham with her. Evelyn offers Fiz some words of comfort and Fiz thaws towards her, suggesting she stick around to keep an eye on Tyrone. Later, Tyrone, Ruby, Chesney, Evelyn and Kirk say an emotional goodbye to Fiz and Hope.

Elsewhere, Sinead sees Ken hand some money to Carla and he admits that he has been funding her therapy. Daniel remains oblivious to Sinead’s chemo aversion. Tracy and Steve try to set Amy up on a date with Aadi.

Coronation Street, Wednesday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: Emmerdale

Doug heads to the pub and sees Bob being overly friendly with some female customers; he confronts Bob about his feckless behaviour, before eventually snapping and punching him.

Meanwhile, Jacob tells Maya how guilty he feels and she agrees that David deserves to know the truth. Will they really tell him about their kiss?

Elsewhere, Leanna and Noah get up to no good at the vets after using Amelia to distract Vanessa; Daz is proud to receive a company car with his new job and revels in the attention of his new boss, Trish.

Emmerdale, Wednesday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: Hollyoaks

Nancy can’t get hold of Darren, so she stays with Mandy at the hospital. Sinead tends to Mandy, although she finds a heartbeat something worrying shows up on the tests, which Mandy later chooses to keep from Darren.

Meanwhile, Laurie helps bring Sienna’s classroom back into order, and knows exactly how to calm Brooke in particular. Sally offers Laurie the job, but he has one request – she gives Sienna a job too. Sinead is jealous as a grateful Sienna hugs Laurie.

Elsewhere, Cindy plans to frame Donna-Marie by trashing up the emporium, and planting her purse there as evidence.

Hollyoaks, Wednesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ at 7pm on E4.

Doctors Pick of the Plots logo

Sid is decorating the staff room to try and get people in the mood for the draw later. Soon, it’s time for the draw, Jimmi’s special bat irks Al while Sid’s wall chart leaves everyone confused. Al thinks he has a better system but takes too long explaining it. The games begin.

Meanwhile, Shak nervously arrives at the Campus surgery to see Daniel, claiming to be really ill. Daniel thinks his symptoms are a physical manifestation of grief and encourages him to open up.

Doctors, Wednesday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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