The latest goings on in EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Doctors.

SoapWeek: EastEnders

Phil instructs Keanu to do another driving job that night but worried it’s the same as before, he isn’t keen to accept the assignment. Meanwhile, Bex is shocked to discover that Louise is pregnant and after some encouragement from her best friend, Louise breaks the news to a stunned Keanu. Later, after a tough reality check from his mum, Keanu reaches out to Louise but with Sharon close-by, Louise ignores the call. Louise later makes an upsetting discovery. 

As Ben puts the pressure on Jay to get the car lot land back, Jay confides in Ruby about what he should do and grows even more conflicted when Ben later suggests they go into business together. Meanwhile, Jack gives Max a stern reality check about Rainie but as Max takes her for lunch, they spot Ben watching them.  

Elsewhere, Bailey misses looking after Dinah by herself and worried about Bailey, Dinah calls Karen. Dinah realises just how much Bailey is hurting and later Karen gets a worrying call from Dinah. 

Also, Sonia turns to Tina for advice; Kush invites Kat over to check that Mo hasn’t left anything behind but Kat senses there is more to it.

EastEnders, Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

SoapWeek: Emmerdale

David is unsettled by the truth.

Jessie and Marlon want answers from Billy and Ellis.

Elsewhere, Moira consoles Victoria.

Emmerdale, Thursday at 7pm and 8pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: Hollyoaks

Nicole Owen, Russ’ sister, returns to the village to see Max.

The Maaliks are sullen this morning, but Imran is determined to defend his family. They confront Ste, Jonny and Stuart over the bacon, but Ste has no idea what they’re talking about. Meanwhile, Stuart’s son, Sid, attends Hollyoaks High and immediately makes racist comments to Imran. Sid asks Sally if he can talk to her about Imran.

Elsewhere, Nancy meets with Darren and tells him about Brooke and Ollie’s plans to have sex. Later, Darren test runs Kyle’s food delivery scheme for The Hutch on a push bike… when Darren gets back, the food is stone cold. Tony wants to pull the plug, but Nancy convinces him not to.

Hollyoaks, Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ at 7pm on E4.

Doctors Pick of the Plots logo

Zara arrives back from her holiday and is bemused to find Becky cleaning The Mill. They catch up and Becky puts her foot in it telling Zara that Ayesha is doing the nurse prescribers course.

Becky tells Zara about Enzo and is surprised when Zara is fine about it, although Zara advises that she provisions a new cleaner for the surgery. Meanwhile, Zara pisses on Ayesha’s chips when she tells her that she can’t continue the training. Daniel and Becky tell Ayesha that they still support her, and Zara is furious. Later, Daniel asks Zara if he can see Joe that night, but she insists he’ll be too tired.

Elsewhere, Ruhma, Valerie and Karen become artists for the day.

Doctors, Thursday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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