Parry Glasspool has bowed out of Hollyoaks; his character, Harry Thompson, becoming the eighth victim of serial killer Breda McQueen.

In tonight’s E4 episode, it was Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) who Breda (Moya Brady) was initially having murderous thoughts about, after he recently opened up to her about the mistakes he has made as a father.

Breda has made it her life’s work to get rid of anyone who she perceives as a bad parent, and the final straw came when Tony turned his back on Harry as he faced prison for the hit and run on Grace. 

However, as Breda was preparing to do Tony in, he tearfully realised that he should stand by Harry no matter what and Breda respected this. Meanwhile, Harry (Parry Glasspool) implored his ex Ste (Kieron Richardson) to run away with him, but with Ste staying put, the pair shared an emotional goodbye. 

In The Dog carpark, Harry overheard Liam and Mercedes talking about how they were responsible for the hit and run on Grace and when Harry confronted Mercedes, she made it clear that keeping quiet would be in his best interests.

Elsewhere, Breda was with Sadie at the hospital and was furious to hear that Harry had run out on her and their new born son. As Harry triumphantly revealed a recording of Mercedes’ confession, and called his dad to tell him he’s on the way to the police station, Breda stepped into his path and stabbed him. As the life drained out of Harry, Breda declared herself “a protector of God’s children”.

“My time at Hollyoaks has been a rollercoaster, which has helped me grow both as a performer and a person. I’m so grateful to have worked with and learnt from the likes of Nick Pickard, Kieron Richardson and Gregory Finnegan, whose combined experience has been invaluable to me. Thank you also to our executive producer Bryan Kirkwood who gives us all so much support, it’s been brilliant to be part of the Hollyoaks team. As a side note, I really do hope someone, anyone finds out what Breda has been doing – because now it’s personal…” – Parry Glasspool

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