The eleventh DVD volume of Cop Shop is now available in the UK and in this box set of the long running Australian police drama its action all the way.

Criminals run amuck in Cop Shop Volume 11.

Liz Cameron (Liz Burch) throws in her job at the Citizens Advice Bureau and plans to begin a new life with an ex-convict but she will find that leaving her friends behind is easier said than done. Investigative reporter Terry Lindford-Jones (John Walton) begins making a television documentary about a number of unsolved historic cases in which young girls were murdered, and worryingly the killer appears to be back in town when the bloodbath resumes after a seven-year hiatus. Terry soon finds romance with Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner) but their relationship will have plenty of ups and downs.

Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) returns to the Riverside cop shop as a detective sergeant but one corpse too many takes its toll, and Senior Detective Sergeant Vic Cameron (Terence Donovan) finds his life on the line when he’s gunned down by a nutcase. Lorna Close (Moya O’Sullivan) buys a coffee shop which she intends to run with her daughter Valerie (Joanna Lockwood) and her step-daughter Claire (Louise Philip) but the hapless trio soon find that the business is floundering. Matters are made worse when Valerie buys a shipment of stolen soft drinks, and two masked bandits rob a local bank but the mug arrested for the crime doesn’t appear to have the brains to stage such a daring raid.

Left: John Walton from The Young Doctors joins Cop Shop as investigative reporter Terry Lindford-Jones. Right: Heartache awaits for Liz Cameron (Liz Burch).

A safe-cracking crim with a magnetic drill comes a cropper when he double crosses a dangerous gang, and a ruthless Mr Big begins employing delinquent youths to carry out bash and grab muggings. Two brazen thieves steal half a million dollars’ worth of paintings in broad daylight, and an elderly man turns police informant to save his drug addled daughter from the violent criminal that she’s shacked up with. A turf war breaks out between two rival nightclub owners leading to a fatal bombing, a gangland style assassination and arson. Meanwhile the daughter of a man who imports pinball machines is mysteriously abducted, and union activists claim that criminals have infiltrated their union.

Elsewhere a mentally disturbed young man believes that he must commit three robberies to save his mother’s life, but things begin to unravel when an alcoholic flasher is picked up with one of the stolen items. Across town a prostitute’s bash-artist husband forces her to blackmail her clients, and Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) is shocked to learn that his old army cobber could be involved with a series of truck hijackings.

Right: Jeff Johnson is back on the beat in Riverside. Left: Les Dayman from Homicide and E Street guest stars as bank robber Len Travers in Cop Shop Volume 11.

The action continues when the heroin addicted son of a wealthy property developer is abducted by fanatics from a pseudo religious anti-capitalist cult. When Riverside Police Station is upgraded, Senior Constable Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) is promoted to the CI Branch to train as a detective, and Constable Stephen Waters (Scott McGregor) arrives to replace him on the charge counter. Unfortunately, the hot-headed Waters fouls up the opportunity to prosecute a barrister for drunken driving and he is swiftly replaced by country cop Constable Sam Philips (Nicholas Eadie) who rolls into town smelling like a chook farm.

Guest stars appearing in this box set include Barry Creyton from The Mavis Bramston Show; Belinda Giblin from Sons & Daughters; Paul Mason from The Young Doctors; Serge Lazareff from Young Ramsay; Les Dayman and Charles Tingwell from Homicide; Roger Oakley and Debra Lawrence from Home & Away; Vic Gordon from Matlock Police; Jackie Woodburne and Stefan Dennis from Neighbours; Vincent Ball from Crossroads; Rod Mullinar from Ryan; John Wood from Blue Heelers; Noel Trevarthen from Carson’s Law; Val Jellay from The Flying Doctors; and Joy Westmore from Prisoner: Cell Block H. Other familiar faces cropping up during the police investigations include Syd Conabere, Sigrid Thornton, Wendy Hughes, Peter Cousens, Andrew Clarke, and future casting consultant Jan Russ.

Left: Senior Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) learns that a man who saved his life in New Guinea during the war could be involved in criminal activities. Middle: Nicholas Eadie from The Henderson Kids joins Cop Shop as Constable Sam Philips. Right: Barry Creyton from The Mavis Bramston Show and The Young Doctors guest stars in Cop Shop as Charles Lawford who has problems with a religious cult.

Cop Shop Volume 11 and a host of other Crawford TV classics are available in the UK exclusively from Eaton Films. Viewers in Australasia can place their orders with Crawford DVD.

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