Sky Bet’s weekly show, brought together by Sky Media and Diagonal View, will cover all things football during the highly anticipated 2019-20 season.

“The goalposts for our football fans have moved with social media and TV both playing an important part in millennials’ lifestyles. Now people don’t just talk about football in the pub, they use social media to celebrate the highs and lows of the game with fellow fans as the action happens. The 40-week-long partnership renewal comes as a result of an incredibly successful 2018-19 campaign, which saw improvement in key Sky Bet brand metrics and The Football Social become one of the most popular strands on Sky’s social media platforms after just 10 months.” – Jason Hughes, Head of Creative Solutions at Sky Media

Sky Bet has today relaunched The Football Social series, a live watch-along series produced by Sky Sports and Football Daily which last season drew in 19 million views across social media platforms and achieved a record-breaking peak audience on YouTube.

Available on Soccer AM and Football Daily’s Facebook and YouTube channels, the show will air every week from Saturday 10th August and cover featured games until the last match of the season. This season’s series boasts even more potential with plans for 40 live watch-along episodes, up from a previous 33.

“With the fantastic proven results of last season, we’re excited to work with Sky Bet again to engage with this audience and elevate their football viewing experience to be increasingly interactive.” – Jason Hughes, Head of Creative Solutions at Sky Media

Alongside Football Daily’s Joe Thomlinson and Chris Hamill, Soccer AM host Adam Smith will anchor the show for a second season, welcoming back a revered panel of influencers and ex-players.

The show aims to offer fans an immersive live conversation alongside the action. Reacting to real-time news and action in the moment, the show will also share the latest betting odds with expert analysis from the pundits.

“We’re always exploring new ways to reach our target market and this opportunity, grounded in research and the success of 2018 results, provided us with a way to meaningfully engage with our audience. The show broke the record for YouTube’s highest football watch along ever (Liverpool v Barcelona, 7th May 2019) with a combined 4.4 million views across Soccer AM and Football Daily’s social platforms. It also achieved a record-breaking peak audience on YouTube with 51,000 tune-ins live the minute the video was shared. With results like this, it’s no wonder we’re excited to see what year two brings with an even greater schedule of content.” – Tom Hill, Senior Marketing Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming

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