Coronation Street viewers tonight finally found out the truth about ‘evil nanny’ Jade Rowan – she is John Stape’s daughter.

Nanny Jade has had an ulterior motive in wanting to help Fiz and Tyrone all along

In the final scene of tonight’s (Wednesday 27th November) second episode Jade, played by actress Lottie Henshall, was seen making a floral deposit at John’s grave before whispering ‘I love you dad’.

Here, Lottie talks about getting the role and hints at what is to come for an unsuspecting Fiz (Jennie McAlpine), Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Jade’s sister Hope (Isabella Flanagan).

Did you know when you got the part that Jade was John Stape’s daughter?

Yes I knew the basic outline of the story but not all the twists and turns that have followed. I could never have imagined how the story would pan out.

Has it been difficult keeping the secret?

Yes I haven’t told anyone except my mum as she always runs my lines with me. My dad doesn’t like to know what is happening so he will have found out with the viewers.

What did it feel like coming into a story that harked back to one of the iconic Corrie stories of the past decade? Were you aware of John Stape?

Myself and my family are massive Corrie fans and I remember this storyline well as it started around the time of the tram crash. I also did a lot of research and watched old episodes where John was killing people and then when he died. It is incredible to be part of such a big storyline.

What sort of reaction have you been getting in the street and online?

It has been fantastic – the viewers seem to love to hate Jade, for me that means it is working. I don’t mind Jade being hated as that is what they are supposed to feel, Tyrone and Fiz are such well loved characters and she is causing them so many problems. There are so many different theories out there. Someone even came up to me and said they thought the twist was going to be that Jade was in love with Fiz. A lot of people think she wants Tyrone but she doesn’t see him in that way, she has just been manipulating the situation to get him on side.

What do you think it is that Jade is after?

She has been lied to by her mum her whole life and she has been told so many things about Fiz that are untrue. She has been brainwashed and now she wants to keep Hope, her sister, safe from a woman who she sees as a danger. It is very complex, she is a victim herself in many ways.

On Friday we see Fiz and Tyrone tell her that Hope going back to school and they don’t need her help any more how does she feel about that?

She is absolutely furious and she can’t believe that, after she had got so close to getting what she wanted, it is all slipping away from her. We see her really lose control and she starts smashing things up, but outwardly she pretends she has got a new job and is fine about leaving. She gives Hope a burner phone so she can keep in touch and she tells her to keep it a secret.

What can we expect from Jade going forward?

She is going to do everything she can to get Hope away from Fiz and Tyrone. We have seen her using make-up to put the fake bruises on Hope and photographing them. That is going to be used by her to cause maximum damage.

How are you enjoying your time on Coronation Street?

It’s incredible to be part of such an iconic show and to work with amazing actors such as Jennie, Alan and Maureen, I pinch myself every day and I make sure I take it all in and learn as much as I can. You don’t know how long a job like this will last especially when you are playing a villain so I intend to enjoy every moment.

John Hawley played teacher turned serial killer John Stape in the ITV soap for four years between 2007-2011.  The character kidnapped Rosie Webster after having an affair with her and later stole the identity of an ex-colleague, Colin Fishwick, in order to continue his teaching career. When the real Colin died during an argument with John, he took advantage of the situation and concealed his body.

He subsequently murdered unstable Charlotte Hoyle who was blackmailing him and covered her death to look like an accident on the site of the tram crash, while not long afterwards he accidentally killed Colin’s mother Joy after confessing the truth to her. After going on the run, he returned to help Fiz who had been accused of the crimes he had perpetrated before suffering a fatal heart attack.

Fiz and Jade’s paths first crossed in Birmingham after Hope was referred to a specialist school there. Missing her support, Fiz invited Jade to stay with her and Tyrone upon her return to Weatherfield, unaware that Jade is not all she seems.

Corrie baddie John Stape

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