Newly-released Coronation Street images show the dramatic moment Michelle Connor delivers the baby of her love rival Vicky Jefferies.

Vicky was seen in the early stages of labour earlier this week, but she turned Michelle away saying she was fine.

However, in tonight’s episode (20th December) Vicky calls Michelle to say she is in labour and the two women have to make a decision about whether to break their cover and call for help.

It’s a bittersweet moment for Michelle as the baby boy is born, her relief at the safe delivery tinged with the sadness of the loss of her own baby Ruari. – ITV

Things escalate quickly and Michelle realises that she is going to have deliver the baby herself.

The two women have been in cahoots to make it look as though Robert had killed his pregnant lover Vicky after they discovered he was engaged to them both.

Ever since Michelle and Robert’s ill fated wedding day Vicky has been locked away in a hotel room and the plan to frame him with planted ‘evidence’ came together as Robert was arrested.

However, will the birth of the baby force a rethink or will Vicky and her son disappear without a trace?

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