Mark recently joined the cast of the ITV soap as shady cop DI Malone.

Appearing on Lorraine today, Mark revealed the advice his other half Samantha gave him on joining a soap.

“She just takes the mickey out of me, ‘cos as I’m terrible at learning lines. She said, ‘Learn the lines, don’t knock anything over, just get on with it’.””

Samantha of course played Ronnie Mitchell in EastEnders between 2007-2017.

Talking about his role as DI Malone, Mark said: “He’s very Machiavellian and up to no good from the moment he arrives. The thing with Cain is he’s definitely a match for him. He’s there to shake the whole thing. It’s a really good part. There are a lot of fun and games… [and] juicy stuff to come, I can promise you that.”

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Mark added that the Emmerdale cast are “really warm” and that there’s a ‘buddy system’ where newcomers to the Dales-based saga are taken under the wing of one of its established stars.

“Mine was Jeff who plays Cain. He showed me around, gave me his number and said ‘if you need any advice’.”

Talking about how he and Samantha juggle their careers with family life, Mark said: “Lily is 15 but the other two are older, Ben and Michael, so they can be with her if we’re away. I took two years off… I just fancied a break. It’s really different when you decide to take it [instead of] just don’t get work. It was great, I spent time with the kids.”

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV, STV and UTV.

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