The actress reflected on her time on the cobbles, which she will be saying ta-ra to later this year, in an interview with The Mirror.

Having earlier worked there as a barmaid, Liz was Rovers landlady between 2006-2011 and 2013-2017

The 62-year-old told the tabloid that the domestic abuse storyline that saw Liz knocked about by her husband Jim (Charles Lawson) got ‘the biggest reaction’.

“Jim beating up Liz got the biggest reaction from viewers. Liz was on News at Ten, which warned people to look out for signs of domestic violence, while Charlie got death threats. It was great to be able to help raise awareness of such a difficult subject.” – Beverley Callard

Recalling her early days with the long-running soap opera, she said “The producers said: ‘We’re going to give it a year because introducing a new family is really, really difficult’. It had never worked before.”

“Charlie and I decided we were going to give Jim and Liz light and shade. Jim was very flawed and bombastic. He was the dominant one and he could shout and carry on but he was also vulnerable. Liz was an army wife, she was a bit down from having to move from place to place. This was her first real home but she had an incredible strength.” – Beverley Callard

Liz had a tempestuous relationship with husband Jim

Liz with her two sons Andy and Steve

Beverley also enthused over the “amazing” Coronation Street women, singling out Julie Goodyear as Bet Lynch and Barbara Knox as Rita Sullivan for particular praise.

“They were never late and they never forgot their lines. Work was so important to them, they were perfectionists. I learned so much from them.” – Beverley Callard

The actress will bid a fond farewell to the ITV soap later this year as she pursues new projects including a run with the play Thunder Girls, but admits it won’t be easy.

“There is something special about Coronation Street. I know I’ll be in bits on my last day. It’s mind-blowing to be here 30 years on. I can walk into the green room today and there are so many new people – sometimes I won’t recognise anyone. But other days I’ll be in there surrounded by friends I’ve made for life.” – Beverley Callard

Beverley has had several stints as Liz since 1989, with her form for reprising the role her upcoming departure may not be the last viewers see of Liz.

Beverley announced her decision to leave Coronation Street in November

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