Brookside to get a second DVD release?

In 2007 a dedicated fan took on a challenge to use a petition website to gain signatures in aim to get a ‘Best of’ DVD released.

After 5 years running that campaign, and gaining support from a lot of the cast along the way, the petition became a huge success and saw a DVD finally released just after the shows 30th anniversary called Brookside Most Memorable Moments. It featured 16 episodes that included big plots that made the Channel 4 serial one of television’s big hits of the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.

Now after 8 years of fans asking Lee Brady to seek for another release to feature more big storylines, the time has come and he is now willing to give it another try for the fans of the show.

We know, thanks to active fans online, that there is still a massive fan-base for the show devised by Phil Redmond – and overseen along the years by creative greats such as Mal Young and Paul Marquess – growing every day. As the years have gone on since the much-loved series departed screens in 2003 a host of Facebook groups, Twitter pages and Instagram pages have popped up celebrating the legacy of the Mersey Television programme.

This has also been observed by those behind the campaign for a further DVD. Their Facebook page is growing daily, overseen by Mr Brady and Stephen Lee-Butler.

“We have decided to open up an old petition and see what will happen if we get enough signatures and support again – who knows maybe we will be able to get another 16 iconic episodes to enjoy in the near future. Some more of the great Harry Cross, Mick Johnson with Jenny? Nikki Shadwick rape storyline, Jimmy Corkhill losing the plot walking through the Mersey tunnel, the final episode? And hopefully some interviews for extras from the cast.” –  Lee Brady

The original release was instigated by Channel 4’s DVD arm, however, with 4DVD not around any more fans of the long-running saga are hoping to engage with other possible labels ‘maybe Acorn DVD will step in? Who knows.’

For those who fancy more from the cul-de-sac that gave Channel 4 some of its best ratings, Brookside fans get signing on this link here.

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3 Replies to “Brookside to get a second DVD release?”

  1. Brookside must be revived as I won’t forgive channel four for axing it as Phil Redmond knew what he had created in 1982! Reg Watson created many soaps but when I spoke to him he said I’m proud of the many soaps I created but the one I’m most proud of was my first at ATV in 1964 that’s Crossroads its where its origins began for all my other soaps are from the Crossroads format! As for Brookside well I think Channel Five is the best place for Brookside now owned by Network Ten Australia who show Reg Watson’s Neighbours so adding Brookie would be perfect so bring back Brookside and stuff Channel Four!

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