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Ruhma is performing an early morning prayer when she hears a noise coming from Tanya’s room – she approaches carefully but is relieved to find her simply having a nightmare. Zara pops in unannounced and is shocked to see Tanya there, she warns Ruhma that she is risking her career, but Ruhma is resolute.

Later, Tanya has an asthma attack while mending a teapot and Ruhma is forced to pop into The Mill to ask Zara for an inhaler. Zara is not pleased but acquiesces and covers for Ruhma when Daniel asks questions. Ruhma arrives home with the new inhaler to be met by a delighted Tanya who has finished repairing the teapot. But as they go inside, they don’t see Mark watching from his car…

Meanwhile, Bear tells Sid about his night out with Ayesha, but is annoyed to hear that Sid has no intention of reporting the racist Police Officer. Sid tells him to do it himself if he cares so much. Ayesha is impressed when Bear does just that.

Elsewhere, Karen is perturbed to hear that Jay had another seizure at school and that his cannabis is running out. Al asks Bear for time off next week to visit his mum. Bear agrees.

Doctors, Thursday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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