PsychicWorld recently found that during lockdown there has been a huge surge in searches for psychics.

The late great Derek ‘Fanny loves Dick’ Acorah, used his powers to look into the past, rather than the future on Most Haunted.

In fact, since lockdown there have been 669,000 Google searches related to finding psychic advice. Google trends show that April 5th was the peak day for searches.

After finding out that Google searches for “psychic predictions coronavirus” has surged by 250% in the last 90 days, PsychicWorld were interested in discovering the other things people have looked to Psychics for during the pandemic.

After surveying 3,403 people, they found the following:

What people are going to psychics for: Percentage of people going to psychic for this:
To see their future 80%
For love advice 74%
For job advice 67%
To find out how they die 59%
Coronavirus predictions 52%
For advice on their health 48%
To find out when the world ends 33%
To contact loved ones in the afterlife 25%
For family advice 19%

Seeing into our future tops the list of things people are seeking help for when contacting psychics. 4 in 5 made finding this out their priority and with how unexpected the events of 2020 have been, who could blame them?

Derek Batey, the late great host of Mr and Mrs had no psychic abilities.

74% of people have sought out psychic help for their love life. For many couples lockdown has been a trying period so the top three reasons given by those in a relationship for why they sought psychic help for this were: to make sure their partner is the one (55%), to know when to propose (39%) and to know if they should move in together (27%).

With many psychics coming forward to tell all on how they predicted the pandemic, it’s no surprise that respondents are seeking out psychics to give them coronavirus predictions (52%).

Unsurprisingly, 1 in 3 respondents have turned to psychics to know when the world will end as Psychic World found there have been an astounding 63,000 google searches in the last three months for “when will the world end” as fears continue to grow.

1 in 4 participants have contacted psychics in an attempt to contact loved ones in the afterlife. Lockdown has given many people the chance to rekindle and mull over their relationships – it’s clear to see it has also led to many of us missing people in our lives.


Derek Wilton, and his wife Mavis, often wished they could foretell the future of their budgie and garden gnomes.

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