Young Doctors star Susanne Stuart takes to the stage

Darren Gray reports on the latest upcoming performance of popular personality Susanne Stuart.

Susanne Stuart will be best remembered by television viewers for playing Sister Susanne Gibbs in the popular Australian drama series The Young Doctors but her fans can now catch her in the play Memory of Water at The Road Less Travelled Café Bar, Koh Samui, Thailand. Performances take place at 7pm on 23rd and 24th July and full safety precautions will be taken, including limited seating, in accordance with coronavirus restrictions.

Memory of Water follows three dysfunctional sisters on the eve of their mother’s funeral. Over a mixture of whiskey and special cookies the sisters delve into their past which has been filled with tragedy, rivalry and plenty of laughter.

As well as being an actress, Susanne is a fully trained nursing sister and had initially been contracted to The Young Doctors as a medical advisor before the role of Sister Gibbs was written especially for her. Young Doctors fans who can get to Thailand will be in for a wonderful treat with Memory of Water and can book their tickets by calling +66 (0)611969882.

Pictured top, Susanne Stuart as Sister Susanne Gibbs in The Young Doctors. Pictured bottom, Susanne Stuart (far left) with the cast of Memory of Water.

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  1. The Young Doctors is being revived by Network Nine since it ended in 1983 and was created by former Crossroads Director Alan Colman so id like to see many of the original cast back but sadly as the Young Doctors began in 1976 many of the cast have passed away but seeing the reopened Albert Memorial Hospital and Bunny’s it will be nice to see my favorite soap return as I love The Young Doctors its great entertainment as Alan Colman knew what he created a legend even though sadly he’s no longer with us!

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