The latest goings on in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.
SoapWeek: Corrie

Geoff uses his hospital radio show to talk about how he has forgiven Yasmeen and wants to help her. Yasmeen tells her cell mate that she is getting a visit from a women’s charity. When the woman arrives, Yasmeen is shocked by what she reveals.

Meanwhile, Sally watches sadly as Abi packs for her move to No.13. Abi thanks Sally for everything and assures her that it won’t affect their friendship. Abi moves into No.13 and invites Seb over for supper.

Elsewhere, Daniel asks Adam for an advance on his wages. Despite his cheek, Adam hands him some cash. When Adam spots Sinead’s cardigan poking out of his bag, Daniel’s embarrassed and lets Adam think he carries it about in her memory.

Coronation Street, Monday at 7.30pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: EastEnders

EastEnders: Secrets From The Square: This week, Stacey is joined by Diane Parish and Tameka Empson, aka sisters Denise and Kim Fox, for a very big socially-distanced reunion, as Tameka returns to set for the first time since 2019.

Picking up just where they left off, the stars reveal all about their close working relationship and tell the stories behind some of their biggest moments – from Tameka reliving her infamous live labour scenes for the 30th anniversary to Diane explaining why she once had to pretend to all her friends and family that she had quit the show.

Diane recalls the pair’s first meeting, long before working together on EastEnders, even if Tameka doesn’t remember it herself. Tameka reveals how blagging helped win her a role on the show, and – with Kim currently living in Scotland – the trio marvel at Tameka’s attempts at a Scottish accent.

As well as looking back at all the best Fox family drama over the years, the duo break into Albert Square’s very own hair salon – Fox and Hair – to give Stacey an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour.

EastEnders: Secrets from the Square, Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

SoapWeek: Emmerdale

Harriet is left uneasy when Cain promises swift vengeance on Malone for what he assumes Malone has done to Moira.

Meanwhile, Lydia opens up to Chas about the prospect of her Huntington’s diagnosis. Chas empathises with Lydia’s feelings but tells her that taking the test is the only way to know for sure. Lydia has a choice to make.

Elsewhere, Jimmy tells Nicola not to interfere with the running of the café, but Nicola has other ideas.

Emmerdale, Monday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: Hollyoaks

Martine tells Lisa she thinks there is something going on with Felix, but Lisa just thinks she’s jealous. Felix asks Lisa to be his plus one at the wedding. Martine tells him that she’s not going anywhere until she hears the truth.

Meanwhile, Brody continues his campaign to help Felix even though he doesn’t want it. When Sienna ponders if his keenness to help is down to it feeling unresolved with Buster, Brody decides to visit Buster in prison.

Elsewhere, in an attempt to trick Walter in to coming to their wedding, Mitchell and Scott invite people to a ‘charity night’ instead.

Hollyoaks, Monday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ at 7pm on E4.

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