Coronation Street films first socially distanced stunt

Newly-released pictures show Mikey North and Tina O’Brien filming a sequence in which his character is hit by a motor vehicle.

In the world’s first socially distanced stunt after lockdown restrictions were lifted last month, Gary Windass (Mikey North) is hit by a car after pushing Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien) out of harm’s way.

The stunt was originally scheduled to be filmed on location, in the woods, but this was amended in the interest of safety for the cast and crew.

“This was the very first three episodes that I have filmed after lockdown. We have had to alter and change things but I don’t think it has lost any of its intention and hopefully it will be just as good as it would have been on location. I got to ride on the bonnet of the car and I was quite pleased to have the opportunity to do the stunt myself because I enjoy that part of the job but I have never done a car stunt like this before. I loved it.” – Mikey North

When Rick Neelan’s engraved watch is found in the woods, Sarah demands that Gary divulge what he knows about the loan shark’s sudden disappearance. Terrified by Gary’s admissions, Sarah runs away from him to call the police. As Gary pursues Sarah down the street, a car hurtles towards her and Gary dives into the path of danger, pushing her to safety and ultimately saving her life.

To avoid contact between the actors and to adhere to UK social distancing guidelines, a mannequin was dressed in Sarah’s clothes and used in place of Tina O’Brien in certain shots.

“Because of social distancing, Mikey cannot touch Tina or push her away and that is integral to the stunt because his character has got to look heroic and that he has saved her.


“We are cheating it by using a mannequin from Underworld and if we shoot it in the right way, making it a tight shot and we do it very quickly, it will work and will still sell the idea that he has pushed her.” – David Kester, Director

Gary knows Sarah could have easily taken his secret to the grave and he still risked himself to save her – but as her relationship with Adam hangs in the balance will she return the favour and keep Gary’s murderous secret?

“We had such a good time filming these scenes and I have really enjoyed being part of something so different. The mannequin is from the Underworld set but when I stood next to it, it was towering over me!


We had to saw the bottom of the legs off to make it more realistic and more my height but we have a very talented director and post production team so no one will notice when it’s in the show. I am really looking forward to seeing how it looks on screen.” – Tina O’Brien

Coronation Street airs these scenes week commencing 27th July.

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