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SoapWeek: EastEnders

Sharon is in disbelief as Ian desperately tries to defend himself, who will Sharon believe?

Peter’s concerned when Bobby mentions that things at the restaurant are strained with Max not pulling his weight. Kathy confronts Max but he tells her that he sold his half to Ian so Rainie wouldn’t be entitled to 50% of it in their divorce. Kathy warns Ian that when Max finds out he’s used his money to buy Sharon The Vic he won’t be best pleased…

Meanwhile, Kheerat gives Chantelle as much money as he can and she admits it’s for a divorce. Kheerat is taken aback and as he promises to help her; they share a moment. Kheerat’s money troubles have just gone from bad to worse. Nothing gets past Gray when he spots that a pop-up advert for divorce lawyers on his laptop.  

Elsewhere, Ben wonders where Callum is unaware he is trying to hold off his boss enhancing the grainy image of Ben. Callum arrives just in time for Ben’s implant to be switched on.

When asked about the club reopening, Ruby can’t be certain as her finances aren’t in the best place but Vinny suggests a way to sort things seeing as the place is insured. Jags wants to tell his mum about his relationship with Habiba; he’s hurt when Habiba doesn’t seem keen as keen for their relationship to come out.

EastEnders, Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Flashbacks: The guests arrive at the wedding venue and the grooms are assigned their room, number 13. Back in the village, men of the cloth Joel and Walter have a heart-to-heart after Joel tries to convince him to attend his grandson’s wedding.

As Scott and Mitchell walk down the aisle, Walter arrives. One of the triplets sees red, furious that, once again, Mitchell is getting his happy ending. As the party gets started, Mitchell discovers that Toby tried to sabotage the wedding, and there is a huge bust-up.

Later, Mitchell goes for a lie down, as one of the siblings sneaks into Room 13. Meanwhile, Felix is torn between Martine and Lisa, but Grace advises him to go for the least complicated option. Who will he choose?

Hollyoaks, Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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