‘Tech neck’ a growing concern

Three in 10 women have endured ‘tech neck’ as a result of looking down at their phone and gadgets too much.

Researchers who polled UK women, aged 35 plus, found many of them have developed the condition caused by putting an ongoing strain on their neck and shoulders.

“The number of women experiencing ‘tech neck’ is unsurprising when we consider how many times a day we’re all currently looking down at our devices. It’s important to care for our necks and posture where we can,” – yoga expert Hannah Barrett

And almost a quarter also believe their neck has aged ‘noticeably’ thanks to staring downwards at their mobiles so obsessively. More than half of the women polled admitted they spend ‘too much’ time glancing at their devices – checking them on average 13 times an hour.

And 42 per cent revealed they’ve spent more time looking at their phones since the start of the pandemic.

Commissioned by PRAI Beauty, the study also found almost two-thirds haven’t considered the impact ‘tech neck’ could have on the appearance of their neck in the long-term.

Following the findings, yoga expert Hannah Barrett is offering advice on how to alleviate the signs of tech neck and help prevent future strain on this delicate area.

“It’s clear that tech neck is even more prevalent now since the pandemic than it was a few months ago. It’s important women look after their necks to help slow down the visible ageing process and we can help them do that.” – Annie Toker, PRAI Beauty UK

The study also found 19 per cent of women pay more attention to how their neck and shoulders look now than they did before the pandemic – as a result of the ‘zoom boom’ and doing more video calls and conferences in lockdown.

As a result, a third admitted they’re worried about visible neck ageing, with 45 per cent now taking care of their necks as part of their beauty regime. One in 20 even said they’re more concerned about signs of ageing on their neck as a result of looking down so much than they are about straining it.

But in a bid to fend off ‘tech neck’, the study, carried out by makers of the cult PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème which sells eight every minute at Boots, found 18 per cent have started doing exercises.

While the research carried out through OnePoll also found a quarter would use a targeted neck cream.

Researchers worked with 2,000 women for their research.
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