Playmobil series Novelmore to run on YouTube Kids

Novelmore will launch on the streaming video content service next month.

From November 4th the Playmobil series will launch with episodes going live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“There is great excitement at Playmobil about the start of the Novelmore. The presence on YouTube promises high attention from the young target group and a next wave of enthusiasm for the popular knight‘s theme” – Playmobil statement

There are twelve episodes in total and once broadcast on the Playmobil YouTube channel will remain available via the playlist section. In addition, the episodes of the Playmobil Original Series will also be able to be viewed via the YouTube Kids App.

The production offers an action-packed story in elaborate CGI animation about heroic knights, lawless villains and the magical armour Invincibus.

The first episodes introduce the daredevil Prince Arwynn, the genius inventor Dario DaVanci, the bold Gwynn and other heroes and take the fans into two fundamentally different realms: While the Knights of Novelmore cling to an ancient prophecy that supposedly protects them from all evil, the fierce Burnham Raiders from the scorched vastness of Crimson Caldera forge hot conquest plans.

Novelmore’s defence plans are stolen, but King John doesn’t seem particularly concerned about it. When the three heroes also discover that the Burnham Raiders are after the most powerful weapon ever invented – the Invincibus – they join forces to save Novelmore. An adventurous race begins. Who will win the battle for the magical armour?

“YouTube Kids is a well-reputed partner for family-friendly content in best quality. However, new heroic deeds are not only to be expected on screens, but also in children’s rooms: A series of new PLAYMOBIL sets offer further ingenious play fun.” – Playmobil statement

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