Showbiz 10: ‘A rollercoaster life told through the memories of the people who knew her best’

The last mid-week Showbiz 10 as Vivian Summers prepares to go into lockdown with a large supply of vodka and cola.

A celebration of Caroline

Family and friends will pay tribute to the TV Presenter Caroline Flack in an emotional, intimate and candid documentary celebrating Caroline’s life and legacy.

“This film is about and for Caroline. A sister, daughter, friend and one of the most successful TV presenters in the country. She openly and honestly shared her struggles with fame and how it impacted her mental health. A rollercoaster life told through the memories of the people who knew her best, Caroline’s family and friends, we hope this will be a fitting tribute to her.” – Becky Cadman, Channel 4 Factual Entertainment

The one-off hour-long documentary will hear from those closest to Caroline, delving beyond the headlines to reveal the woman behind the public persona, as well as exploring the pressures that fame, mental health, press and social media had on Caroline throughout her life.

Disco’s Closed

Robbie Williams ‘disco style’ forthcoming album isn’t so forthcoming at the moment thanks to that dreaded Coronavirus.

“He does want to do another record, but obviously we can’t because of the situation. He’s in Los Angeles and no one can fly to America. Our relationship doesn’t work in different countries, we have to be in the same room together to create.” – songwriter Guy Chambers quoted by The Sun

Earlier this year Guy had noted the album was almost ready for a 2020 release. This delay will see it pushed back to next year.

Pricey Affair

It’s not a Showbiz 10 without a feature on the darling of the tabloids, no not The GC babe, Katie Price the first queen of Trash.

This week we’ve been treated to news, via The Sun, that ‘Price “can’t wait” to take a pregnancy test this week after trying for baby no6 in the Maldives with boyfriend Carl Woods.’

While her recovery from balding head, falling out teeth, farty arse and broken ankles seem to be on the mend as she was reported by Entertainment Daily to have enoyed a lovely romantic bike ride. There’s a joke there but we’re not allowed to say it.

Takeoff idea

Sir Sean Connery could be given a lasting legacy in Scotland if his millions of fans rally support to make a high flying change.

A petition has been launched to rebrand Edinburgh Airport after the screen legend following his death aged 90 last weekend. Sir Sean was best known for his seven movies as 007 agent James Bond in the sixties and early 70s. A wealth of films followed as well as several television roles.

‘Liverpool has John Lennon airport, Belfast has George Best airport and with the death of one of her most famous sons Edinburgh should have a Sir Sean Connery airport.’ – Andrew Morton, creator of the peititon

Sam Bailey Autism awareness

Singer and former X Factor star Sam Bailey spoke to Loose Women of her son Tommy’s autism diagnosis and how it’s given her more understanding.

“Tommy’s always been a really emotional kid. He’s always had a naivety about him. He’s had issues with food pretty much for the last 8 or 9 years. Food can’t be touching other food. It’s gradually got worse. If there were loud noises or certain songs that were playing he’d put his fingers in his ears and say, ‘I don’t like it’.

“Looking back, he has an issue with loud music and loud noises. A hand dryer in the toilet, he’d be like, ‘Agh!’ I feel like someone’s taken the blinkers off. It’s like I’ve got a new child, I’ve got more of an understanding of who he is. It’s been an eye-opener.”

Loose Women airs every weekday on ITV, STV and UTV


Great British Bake Off host Noel Fielding should be feeling pretty happy this week as many viewers to the show failed to think he was in his late 40s.

Noel had made a reference in the show that he’d been born long before the 1980s, the decade which had been chosen for this weeks GBBO theme.

Later in the programme, Noel and co-host Matt Lucas noted they were nearing 50 rather than 40. Viewers were left more stunned than discovering Gemma Collins if you add all The Mirror articles together about it, has lost 4892 stone the past summer.

Not sporting

Alex Scott spoke this week about being regularly bombarded with death and rape threats, that hightened when her name was thrown into the arena of who would take over A Question of Sport.

Speaking to the Carla Amfro Podcast she said:

“It was like every day, every day when I was coming off I was just getting this wave and this wave. And then like I said, then there were death threats and rape threats.

“I live on my own and I’m like, I can’t even. Who can I even speak to about this? I don’t want my mum to worry. I don’t want, like how I said people to feel like I can’t handle myself or I can’t handle this business because what?”

Always a winner

England World Cup winner and Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton has been diagnosed with dementia it was revealed this week. The football icon, who will forever be a winner within the world of football, is the latest in his family to be dealing with the condition. His brother Jackie, who passed away earlier this year also went through the same.

Also fellow World Cup-winner Nobby Stiles, who died last week, had also been diagnosed with dementia.

More on the way

Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent announced her second child. Speaking to posh magazine OK!, found in all the best ladies powder rooms across the UK, the performer said she’d got up the duff for the second time following the birth of her first baby in October 2019.

Unlike in the world of soap opera Brooke’s second child is due to the same father as the first, Kean Bryan.

“We wanted more children and we wanted them close together, so we’re both really happy,”


This week we said goodbye to former American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin, actor Eddie Hassel, actress Carol Arthur, actor and comedian John Sessions, impressionist Peter Goodwright and Great British Bake Off contestant Luis Troyano.

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