Pick of the Plots: Thursday 5th November

Keegan feels bad that Tiffany’s only working to help him and with some encouragement from Mitch sets off to make a romantic gesture. As Rainie is listening to her new hypnobirthing app, she steps into the road in front of Keegan on his bike and he hits her. Raine admits she’s pregnant to a horrified Tiffany and Keegan.

Meanwhile, Linda gets Mick an appointment for a medication review, admitting to Shirley that she is at her wits end with Mick’s mood swings. When Mick finds out about the appointment, he’s furious at Linda for going behind his back. Later, Shirley visits Mick and insists that they all just want to help. Shirley wants to know why he’s been calling Frankie – who is she to him? Will Mick finally tell the truth?

Elsewhere, Kat is furious that Phil turned down her offer. Later, Kat offers to clean Phil’s house with a new plan in mind. Jay tells Lola that they got the flat they were after, but she doesn’t seem as excited as she should be. Isaac notices that Lola is unhappy.

EastEnders, Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Charity urges Chas to sort out her relationship with Paddy before it’s too late. Charity asks Tracy if she can take Johnny to see Vanessa, to remind her of the family they had. But Tracy shocks her by revealing that he’s already with Vanessa before dropping another bombshell.

Meanwhile, Mandy does her best to distract Paddy with booze. Bear tells Marlon about Mandy’s plan, but Marlon worries that Paddy’s ex isn’t the greatest person for him to get drunk with. Chas arrives to talk to Paddy, so Marlon and Bear try to stall her. Marlon finally reveals Paddy is on the lash with Mandy and it dawns on Chas that she might have driven Paddy into the arms of his ex.

Elsewhere, Cain squares up to Mackenzie; Gabby makes an admission to Liam.

Emmerdale, Thursday at 7pm and 8pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

Juliet’s new confidence is impressing Peri and she doesn’t want Jordan to ruin it. However, while Juliet tries to patch things up with Sid, Jordan puts his heart on the line with Peri. Will she give ‘new’ Jordan a second chance?

Meanwhile, Romeo and Cher decide to organise an illegal rave, giving Juliet a chance to sell more drugs with Sid’s help, but Victor wants Jordan to find out who grassed on him, leaving Sid panicked.

Elsewhere, Ste surprises Tony at The Hutch and asks for a job. Kurt jets off to St Tropez for the weekend, promising Darren, Mandy and Tony that it’ll be them one day soon thanks to their investments in his business.

Also, the race is still on to pay the mystery blackmailer after John Paul and James’s trick yesterday.

Hollyoaks, Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Daniel and Bear are holding interviews to find a nurse for the Mill. Zara isn’t convinced by any of the candidates and offers to sit in on the interviews. Daniel shrugs her off and tells her they can handle it by themselves.

As Daniel leaves, Zara turns to Harper, but she’s horrified when the speaker suddenly stops working. She bribes Al to help her get it up and running again. By the end of the day, she has completely given in to her ASMR obsession.

Later, Daniel and Bear think they’ve found the perfect replacement for Ayesha, but after running a background check it turns out the candidate was stealing from her previous practice.

Meanwhile, Al and Lily enjoy their secret tryst, and Sid is worried about Deborah’s crush on him.

Doctors, Thursday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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