This week in River City Ellie makes a confession and in Pobol y Cwm Kelly is in an awkward position

This week in the BBC Scotland and S4C soaps.

AJ’s stunned by Ellie’s confession about what really happened the night Joe was killed. As Ellie desperately tries to explain, AJ can’t deal with the harsh reality and walks out.

Nicole comes across a confused AJ and urges him to see the best in Ellie. When the subject turns to Joe’s murder, Nicole assures him of Caitlin’s innocence. However, a throwaway comment by Nicole later stirs up unwelcome suspicion in AJ.

Elsewhere, Ruby reluctantly records a message for her mother – but not in the spirit Maggie intended. Maggie sneaks into Caitlin’s hospital room to deliver the video messages to her gravely ill daughter.

Caitlin admits she’s scared of being put into a medically induced coma and what the future holds for her. Maggie puts on a brave face but later breaks down, overwhelmed with emotion.

Poppy feels vindicated after the police take her stalking concerns seriously. She starts documenting all the unsettling events and possible suspects, leaving Stevie stung when he sees his name listed on her computer.

Angus admits to Bob he thinks Kim is seeing someone else. Undeterred, Bob plans to woo Kim back – not realising it’s too little, too late.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday at 10pm, Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One Scotland

Sara’s plan to ask Kelly to be her bridesmaid puts Kelly in a very awkward position, which raises questions about their friendship.

Eifion enjoys meddling with Mathew and Izzy’s relationship.

As things get awkward between DJ and Sioned, Mathew persuades DJ to open up to Sioned about his feelings towards her. Dai and Diane’s hopes of selling APD to retire are in jeopardy as Jason reconsiders selling the business.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm

When Carys arranges to meet Aled to hear about important developments in arranging their escape, Tom draws Barry’s attention to something very interesting.

Kylie is still too embarrassed to face the world but Iestyn is determined to go to see her and takes a gift with him. Dani and Rhys arrange a special lunch date – and revenge is on the menu.

Although Sian believes that Mark has learnt his lesson, she is shocked when he interferes with her life again. Iestyn still can’t understand why Kylie is avoiding him, but Britney gives him some friendly advice.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25pm

Pictured top: River City, Pictured bottom:Pobol y Cwm
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