Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 10th November

Katy convinces Mick to meet Frankie with her – but will Frankie believe what they have to say?

Meanwhile, Rainie and Stuart rush to their fertility treatment appointment only to be given bad news. Upset, Rainie confides in Tiffany, but alone with Stuart, he suggests that their baby hopes could still be realised – via surrogacy. Rainie runs to find Tiffany and asks her to be their surrogate.

Elsewhere, Kat’s on a mission to convince Phil to do the job with her, as she heads to clean his house. She works out her angle after overhearing him on the phone to Sharon. Later, Kat agrees to return a shirt she took from Phil’s house if he at least looks at the job she wants him to help her with…

Also, Jack suggests to a struggling Denise that she find someone from Raymond’s past to help. Shirley encourages Gray to get his kids back and Whitney offers her support.

EastEnders, Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Paul feels hurt when he finds out that he has been kept out of the loop about the plans for him, Mandy and Vinny to have their own place.

Paul offers to deposit the money at the bank, but neither Vinny nor Mandy think it’s a good idea. Paul is hurt and angry not to be trusted, and as Vinny leaves, Paul secretly pockets the cash.

Meanwhile, Amy tells a surprised David that Meena fancies him. Belle is upset over the trouble she has caused.

Emmerdale, Tuesday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

The next sin is revealed, ‘Pride’, and John Paul knows this one is aimed at him. Knowing they can’t afford to pay again; his only choice is to come clean about his darkest secret. Later, George warns John Paul to stay away from ‘toxic’ James, but it may not be James who John Paul should be wary of.

Meanwhile, Romeo and Cher’s illegal party is full steam ahead, but Tom knows it’s just Romeo’s way of impressing Cher. However, Romeo thinks she has already got a boyfriend when he overhears her on the phone. Juliet invites Ollie and Imran to the party, just as Brooke asks Ollie to spend the day with her tomorrow. What will he choose?

Elsewhere, Jordan guesses right that Sid is the one who grassed him up to the police. Luke finds a copy of the erotic novel Cindy wrote about her and Jason Roscoe years ago and he suggests that they bring the pages to life.

Hollyoaks, Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Sid bumps into one of his patients (Tony), whom he diagnosed with an STI, at a party being thrown by Shak Tony shows zero interest in being safe with his current hook-up, leaving Sid in an uncomfortable position. Shak’s neighbour Kate barges in, sick of the noise and threatening to call the police.

Bear manages to placate Kate and she admits she’s just been dumped by her partner for a younger woman. Bear comforts her, but is taken by surprise when Kate kisses him. The two are interrupted by Sid, who needs Bear’s help. An embarrassed Kate runs out of the house, while Bear joins Sid in taking care of the students who have, thanks to Tony, consumed toxic tequila. When Shak sobers up, he’s mortified: his mum’s favourite painting’s been vandalised.

Elsewhere, Joe and Daniel decide to give Harper a Viking burial. Zara’s gutted about losing him/it, but Daniel’s sure he can make up for her loss by doing something for her which Harper never could… Lily surprises Al with tickets for the West Yorkshire Beer and Food Festival.

Doctors, Tuesday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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