Charlotte Crosby impressed with facial

Charlotte Crosby is like many of us having to ditch the salon treatments due to lockdown and opting for at-home alternatives. The MTV favourite has shared her at home secrets to a salon-worthy facial to her fans on Instagram by using a facial set.

This bedroom is coming along dandy I can‚Äôt wait to reveal to you my little makeup and self-care corner!ūüĖ§ if you haven‚Äôt seen my stories already I‚Äôve been #gifted this¬†@kfacials range of skincare tools for at home aqua facial treatments. It’s the perfect at-home spa treatment.” – Charlotte on social media

Well of course being the nosey person I am, I decided ATV Today Lifestyle needed to know more about it.

The company behind the product, K-Facials, told us, the product ‘takes inspiration from the land of skincare innovators’ and that ‘K-Facials offer a 4-step¬†innovative skin ‘workout’¬†giving you salon results in the comfort of your own home.¬†This includes K-Facial Steamer, Aqua Facial, Ice Roller and Sonic Face Sculptor.’

If you’re looking for a festive gift, or want to treat yourself, here’s the lowdown;

K-Facial Steamer, ¬£69.99 –¬†Using¬†the latest nano-ionic¬†technology, this helps to open¬†pores, deeply hydrate the skin and release any dirt build-up and excess sebum.¬†‚Äč

AquaFacial¬†Machine, ¬£79.99¬†– The first and ONLY at-home device¬†which clears out¬†pores while¬†simultaneously¬†hydrating your skin with potent solutions. This can¬†moisturise, brighten, plump, and protect all in the same‚Äč

Ice Roller, ¬£29.99¬†–¬†Perfect for reducing puffiness and redness and can be used in¬†the morning and the evening alike.¬†It is¬†the perfect recovery tool once¬†you have¬†completed your K Facial‚Äč

Sonic Facial Sculptor, £39.99 РHelps to ift, contour and massage your face making you feel like you just had a facial massage. Unlike other facial rollers and gua-shas and the market, the sonic facial sculptor is battery powered to deliver 6000 vibrations per minute to your face.

Pictured top, 1970s style hair salon as seen in the ATV soap Crossroads.
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