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This week in River City AJ is unsettled and in Pobol y Cwm Rhys is torn

Pick of the Plots

This week in River City AJ is unsettled and in Pobol y Cwm Rhys is torn

This week in the S4C and BBC Scotland soaps there’s more drama…

The latest goings-on this forthcoming week in River City, Pobol y Cwm and Rownd a Rownd.

Alex reveals to Lenny the information he uncovered about Rory’s ex, Paul – he’s up to his eyes in debt. While Paul tries to woo his way back into Rory’s affections, Lenny hatches a plan to bribe Paul to leave town.

Lenny is stunned when Paul declines the lucrative offer to get out of Rory’s life once and for all. Determined to get his way, Lenny plays dirty, telling Paul that Rory wants nothing more to do with him. Lenny’s words ringing in his ears, Paul snaps with shocking consequences.

Elsewhere, Poppy is confronted by Tyler Foulkes who’s unhappy he’s been questioned by the police about stalking her. Unwanted police attention is the last thing Tyler wants and Poppy assumes her stalker has well and truly got the message and will now back off.

However, Stevie stirs up further trouble by threatening to kill Tyler if he doesn’t stay away from Poppy.

Unsettled by Nicole’s comments to AJ, Ellie decides to do some digging into what happened the night Joe died and find the missing poker. Ellie draws a blank when she asks Maggie where it is. Suspicions rising, Ellie tells AJ that the poker’s disappearance is proof it was the murder weapon used to kill Joe.

River City, Monday at 10pm on BBC Scotland

Eifion plots his revenge on Eileen and Sioned as he tries convincing Kath to sell him the fields at Penrhewl. Guto manages to persuade Gerwyn to leave the house but facing the wagging tongues of the villagers is a struggle.

Ffion accuses Luned of causing her intentional harm during her run, and Rhys is torn as he worries for Ffion’s welfare. Gaynor questions her and Hywel’s future in Cwmderi.

Pobol y Cwm, Tuesday and Thursday, 8 pm, S4C

When Robbie asks for a very expensive birthday present Philip decides that it may be time to increase Mathew, Iolo and Aled’s rent. Mathew isn’t best pleased.

Carys goes to great lengths to visit Aled with something important to give him.

Iestyn still has no idea why Kylie is avoiding him, but today he hears some news that sheds some light on the situation. Despite Kylie and Anest wanting to keep fireworks night a secret, Iestyn has other ideas. How will Jason feel when he hears the truth?

Rownd a Rownd, Tuesday and Thursday, 8.25 pm, S4C

Pictured top: Pobol y Cwm, Pictured bottom: Rownd a Rownd

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