Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 17th November

Shirley and Kat keep a lookout as Ben, Kush and Phil head off to do the job (stealing classic cars). The job gets underway but will the group pull it off?

Meanwhile, Max and Linda discuss her business idea, and Max, seizing an opportunity persuades Bobby to expand the age restriction on the Lucy Beale grant. Sharon is wary of Max’s intentions towards Linda and warns him off.

Elsewhere, Tina asks Kathy for a place to stay, but Kathy lets her down, telling her about her issues with Ian. Kathy reminds Ian that the first payment of the re-mortgage is due. Suki tells Ian about her plans for the Slaters house suggesting that they could help each other.

EastEnders, Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Nate reveals to Belle that Tracy is having a wobble, but is quick to reassure her that Tracy doesn’t blame her for this. Lisa’s voice then warns Belle that she has to protect her family. Later, Lydia is confused to discover that Belle seems to have disappeared, along with a cake knife. A terrified Belle walks through the village with the knife in hand, frantic and fearful that someone is after her.

At the pub, Cain realises Belle has not been taking her medication and Nate and Tracy decide to come clean, admitting they recently found her digging in a grave. Cain is angry at Nate for keeping this secret as he and Sam realise Belle has taken the knife. Sam calls the police as the others prepare to search for Belle. In the woods, Belle hallucinates that Jamie is chasing her.

Meanwhile, Will apologises. Dawn is determined.

Emmerdale, Tuesday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

Nancy calls Marnie, Misbah and Mandy to Salon De Thé to discuss the drugs problem in their community. When Nancy lists the warning signs that they need to be looking out for, Marnie recognises all of them in Juliet. She gets Victor’s number from Juliet’s phone and arranges to meet him, putting herself in grave danger.

Meanwhile, Sid is coming to terms with his new reality. Jordan feels guilty and is desperate to help, but Ste orders him to leave Sid alone. Ste and Courtney arrange for Sid to get specialist treatment for his injuries.

Elsewhere, it’s awkward for Mitchell when Cleo returns, and Toby takes a shine to his brother’s ex. Her arrival also reignites Walter’s desire for Mitchell to have a ‘proper’ family, which doesn’t include Scott. Later, Toby finds out that Lisa’s body could be unearthed at Mitchell and Scott’s wedding hotel.

Hollyoaks, Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Ruhma’s suspension hits the front page of Letherbridge Online with an article that questions whether the NMC suspension was racially motivated.  Bear and the Partners are keen to ensure that Ruhma and the Mill come out of the story favourably.

Daniel calls Grahame McKenna at the NMC and delights in making him squirm. They agree to meet Grahame to co-ordinate their next move. Deborah meanwhile has heard the news and leaves a message for Grahame to call her.

Meanwhile, Al can’t believe his luck when he talks Valerie into finding someone to take his place on the cookery course and later comforts Lily when he finds her upset following a call with her Ex, making her laugh.

Doctors, Tuesday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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