More kitten adventures with Jo Brand

Jo Brand is back on Channel 5 with more cat stories.

Comedian and cat lover Jo Brand is back with another fur-filled episode, following daring tales of tabby rescues, and heart-stopping stories of bravery and kindness.

The programme follows the RSPCA inspectors, emergency services, vets and nurses who work tirelessly to save the nation’s cats from harm. From a whole team of firefighters rescuing a cat trapped underground to a kitten cowering on the hard shoulder of Britain’s busiest motorway, these heroes have their work cut out rescuing Britain’s moggies from danger.

In Birmingham, Inspector Herchy Boal investigates a complaint about a neglected cat with a broken leg. Unsure on how long the cat has been injured for, she must race against the clock to get it seen by a vet.

Animal welfare officer Matt Brown is sent on a rescue mission to pick up two cats trapped in a property that has been left in a squalid condition and abandoned by squatters. Matt doesn’t know if the mum cat and her kitten have had access to food or clean water, so getting them seen by a vet is crucial to their survival.

With thousands of unwanted kittens born each year, Jo Brand returns to Putney Animal Hospital where she assists vet Ellie Cavale with a kitten castration and gets to grips with some tiny testicles.

Jo Brand’s Kitten Rescue, Channel 5 at 7pm

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