Undetected tooth decay a problem during lockdown

Recent figures reveal that 85% of millennials have undetected tooth decay – and the Covid pandemic has led to huge increases in dental problems. 

Dentist and The Humble Co. Founder, Noel Abdayem, gives ATV Today Lifestyle readers advice on what can be done about the problem and the findings.

Since the Covid pandemic, why do you think that we’ve seen a huge increase in dental problems and undetected tooth decay?

“The biggest issue dental professionals see with this is the fact that a lot of regular checkups have been postponed due to the pandemic. Many clinics have chosen to only accept emergency cases.  At the same time, some people have increased their intake of food containing sugar which has caused dental decay.”

What home remedies can we do to spot undetected tooth decay and other dental problems?

“It’s difficult to spot without a checkup as early detection is only seen through X-rays. Best would be to do as much prevention as possible and to be vigilant when it comes to brushing teeth and flossing. However, some tooth decay might be visible as small, brown spots, but it might as well be discoloured calculus if it’s lying on the lingual or buccal side of the teeth.”

What can we do to protect our oral health at home?

“Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Floss once a day. Keep carbohydrate intake down if possible. And try to avoid sugar as much as possible! To learn more about why we get decay, one can read about the pH settings in the mouth.”

What products would you recommend from The Humble Co. to help with tooth decay in particular, and how often would you advise that we use them?

“We’d recommend Humble Brush – our flagship bamboo toothbrush, any of our toothpastes, our floss picks and floss. In addition, chewing our xylitol chewing gum after eating will help stabilize the PH levels in the mouth, effectively combating acidic attacks on the enamel”

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