Pick of the Plots: Monday 4th January

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, January 4.

Stacey’s worries about Arthur and Kush’s whereabouts intensify and she turns on Ruby. Martin sticks by his wife. Stacey finally manages to get through on the phone – speaking to Arthur who reveals that they are going on a plane. Ending the call, Kush warns Stacey not to call the police.

Kat is adamant that Kush has help from someone. Stacey suspects it is Ruby, who feigns ignorance but seeing Martin upset is starting to get to her.

Meanwhile, Jack tells Callum that his hands are tied; he has a meeting with DI Thompson’s boss to tell him everything. However, Jack cancels the meeting at the last minute much to Callum’s relief – he has a new plan instead…

Elsewhere, Shirley takes to take her frustrations about Tina’s disappearance out on Ian. Sonia’s having a hard time at work.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

In the factory the residents watch the council planning meeting via live link. To Kevin’s disgust Debbie puts forward a strong case for the development, while Roy gives an impassioned speech to save their community. The committee finds in Ray’s favour.

Discussing the fact that their eviction letters were delivered within seconds of the committee’s decision, Sally smells a rat. Nick tells Ray that he would like to accept his offer to relocate the business but Ray laughs in his face – he’s too late. Later, Ray meets up with the Chairperson of the planning committee and buys her a drink.

Meanwhile, Gary lies in his police cell, knowing there’s no way out of his predicament. Kelly goes public with her suspicions about Gary killing her dad.

Elsewhere, Michael is shocked to find Grace on the doorstep with a determination to prove that he is the father. Evelyn is left with a dilemma when Arthur invites her to go to Canada with him.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Liv is diagnosed with epilepsy. The news leaves Aaron beside himself, but Liv mostly seems calm about her condition.

Meanwhile, Harriet tries to get Charles off her back.

Elsewhere, Will gets a job as Home Farm groundsman.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Mercedes is excited for Bobby to come home this week, but is sickened by a sinister gift left on the doorstep. She is more convinced than ever that Silas is their tormentor and that he’s getting help from within the family, so she installs hidden cameras at the pub. However, Sylver is concerned that she’s going too far to distract herself from the troubles they’ve had.

Meanwhile, Darren, Nancy and Mandy all struggle to come to terms with the events of New Year’s Eve.

Elsewhere, Ste tries to offer support at the Lomaxes’.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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