Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, January 18.

As Frankie is dropped home by the police once more, Callum reminds her she needs to stay out of trouble if she wants to work in Australia. They are interrupted by Stuart who arrives inviting all of them to Mick’s birthday party at The Vic, unbeknownst to him who Frankie is.

Frankie later pushes Stuart for information on Mick but when realising Mick has no idea that she has been invited, Frankie is deflated. She later sees Mick in the Square and pushes him for answers about her mum but Mick, distracted about Tina, snaps leading to Frankie rethink her future.

Meanwhile, Ian insists that Sharon wouldn’t hurt him as a suspicious Max maintains an interest in his health. However, after Max continues to push Ian, he caves and agrees to a course of action. At the same time, Sharon has her conscience pricked by Kathy.

Elsewhere, Jay has a proposition for Billy but must first convince him that what happened between him and Honey was a mistake. Honey overhears.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Faye confesses to Craig that Ray tried to rape her and with Craig’s support, Faye hands herself in at the police station. In the police interview room, a terrified Faye explains how she attacked Adam Barlow thinking he was Ray Crosby. Later, Tim accuses Craig of having his eye on a promotion and forcing Faye to hand herself in. Debbie’s stunned as Ray is arrested on suspicion of attempted rape.

Meanwhile, Mick chucks Ray out of the back of his van and tells him he’s got 24 hours to find the money he owes him. Ray’s troubles worsen Susan, Chairperson of the planning committee, tells him she wants £20k or she’ll reveal how he bribed her. When Ray reveals he’s had to use the money earmarked for No.4 and No.6 to pay off Mick and another bung to Susan, Debbie’s fuming.

Elsewhere, Alya is relieved to see a glimpse of her old gran as Yasmeen asserts she won’t move out until she has seen the colour of Ray’s money. David gets wind of Ray’s cash flow problem but Ray threatens to have him thrown out if he doesn’t comply with the move. Dylan admits to Sean that he’s being bullied at school because his Dad’s gay.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Vinny reminds Paul that if he doesn’t tell Mandy about his gambling, he will be forced to himself. When they arrive at the pub, Mandy launches into a full-on musical proposal, which leaves both Paul and Vinny stunned.

Meanwhile, when a pensive Will rejects Kim’s amorous advances, explaining that Lucas has been taken away by social services, he’s touched by Kim’s empathy as she displays a gentler side and they begin to grow closer.

Elsewhere, Debbie tells Charity that she wants her to move back in with Chas at the pub. Having heard about the conflict, Zak arrives demanding answers from Charity.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Maxine feels like her life is on the up when she notices a hot guy checking her out. Things take a turn when Maxine finds out he’s her new landlord, Brad, and worries that she’ll lose her home.

Meanwhile, it’s awkward for Brody when Sienna and Summer throw jibes at each other, but when Summer references Sienna’s “secret” that she heard her and Warren talking about, Brody wants answers.

When Grace mentions that Warren’s surname is Fox, Summer is intrigued and goes to Warren’s flat armed with cupcakes. Knowing that Warren has a history of violence and knows her dad, she confronts him about attacking Cormac.

Elsewhere, Tony wants to cook Diane a nice dinner but wonders why she’s lying to him when she says she’s at her auntie’s, but he sees her elsewhere. Luke confronts Mandy about the secret from New Year’s Eve, but she’s standing strong and refuses to come clean – will Luke help her?

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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