Pick of the Plots for S4C and BBC Scotland serials Pobol y Cwm, River City and Rownd a Rownd.

Britt is dragged into Garry’s plan to take his kids on holiday behind Dani’s back. Cassie asks Mark to move out as he continues to get on her nerves .

Mathew declares his intention of buying Dai and Diane’s share of APD and becoming the new boss of the business. Gerwyn learns the truth about why Jaclyn didn’t run away with Garry.

Rhys offers Ffion some comfort after she receives her sentence for the drink driving offence. Things get messy as Mathew retracts his offer to buy APD after overhearing Jason bad-mouth him.

Aled and Tyler’s relationship becomes strained when Aled blames Tyler’s interference as the reason why his father’s ignoring him. DJ tells Sioned that he loves her, but she doesn’t return the sentiment.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm

Lenny’s safe return makes the Murdoch brothers think ahead, with Amber’s future plans proving unsettling for all. Lenny attempts to reminisce with Amber, but tugging at her heartstrings proves futile.

With Amber’s dominance casting a shadow over the Murdoch family, Lenny’s actions of giving her more control in the family business only serve to further isolate him from his warring children

Elsewhere, an awkward atmosphere looms over Cameron and Eve, with Dylan feeling increasingly caught in the middle. As Dylan’s anxiety grows, Cameron tries to put his brother at ease by suggesting he works with him at the Jailbirds.

However, Stevie reacts angrily at Cameron’s interference, while Dylan feels patronised by his actions. Sensing Stevie’s reaction is in fact jealousy, Cameron delights that his closeness to Poppy is getting under Stevie’s skin.

Poppy confronts Ellie, making it clear her actions could jeopardise Caitlin’s case. Ellie concedes, but not before she clocks key photographic proof that Caitlin couldn’t be in two places at the time of Joe’s murder.

Scarlett and Bernie are left speechless when Molly’s will arrives. Their initial excitement about a windfall is quashed when they discover Molly spent their inheritance, leaving her daughters only a boxful of trinkets. Both sisters set their sights on Molly’s beloved rosary beads, triggering a war of words between the siblings.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday and Wednesday, 10pm, Repeated on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Friday.

Mathew’s first day back at work goes from bad to worse as someone plays a nasty trick on him. Philip and Lowri are still at loggerheads and Dani has to step in to deal with the couple.

Iris is still worried about Barry, but Arthur has an idea of how to cheer him up. Jason is delighted when he is given a chance to drive the boss’s car.

Following Arthur’s prang to Barry’s car with the motorhome, Barry puts two and two together and comes up with five when guessing who is responsible.

The pain in Mathew’s leg is aggravating him more and more and he decides to make an appointment to see the doctor – but will it be a successful trip to the surgery for him?

Rownd a Rownd, S4C. Tuesday and Thursday 8.25pm

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